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How to prepare for your colon hydrotherapy session?


hydration and preventing constipation

Hydrate your body on the days prior to your session.  Two hours before your appointment avoid drinking fluids so that you will be comfortable during the CHT session.


Your body needs water to digest your food and to help soften and lubricate your stool.


Do not substitute coffee or soda for your fluids. These caffeinated drinks are dehydrating.

Water helps you fight off illness by helping your body to detox.

Fresh organic salad and avacado

Eat a healthy diet

Avoid drinking fluids and eating two hours before your appointment so that you will be comfortable and not have to use the rest room during the CHT session.

Choose healthy foods including healthy fats, and colorful organic fruits and vegetables for fiber and nutrients.


Avoid gas-producing foods, junk foods, and processed foods containing additives and preservatives.


hiking and couple exercising

Schedule some exercise the day prior and the day of your CHT session.

Do what you enjoy, hike, ride a bike, go to the gym, dance, or take a yoga class. All of these exercises are great and help to improve your overall health. Movement encourages peristalsis  as well as stimulating the lymphatic system. According to experts, exercise does more than tone your heart and other muscles. Exercise is essential for regular bowel movements. In fact, one of the key risk factors for constipation is inactivity.

Be on time for your appointment

alarm clock as a reminder to wake up and be on time

Arrive on time for your appointment.  You will have a more productive treatment session if you are relaxed and comfortable.

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