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A healthy digestive system is the foundation of your overall health...

Pssst! Your colon would like a word with you...

What is colon hydrotherapy?


Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics, colon cleansing, and colonic irrigation is a safe, effective practice of infusing water into the colon to cleanse and restore balance in the body. The gentle flow of warm water helps to remove waste and toxins from the body, without using any drugs or laxatives.  

Filtered temperature and pressure-regulated water is introduced gently and slowly into the colon. The waste is naturally softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through your own body's peristalsis.  


The industry recognizes two distinct types of colon irrigation systems, open and closed.

We use an FDA-Registered Class II Medical Device that is the latest in closed state-of-the-art

technology, delivering  the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. All of the materials used, including the speculums and hoses, are single use and sanitary. The inflow of water and the release of waste is regulated by your therapist and  is repeated multiple times throughout the session. Our device ensures you an easy, odorless, safe experience and your privacy is maintained at all times.


The closed system provides an effective and user friendly colon hydrotherapy session that 

complements the body's natural motility and nervous system.  Your therapist uses the water to therapeutically exercise, stimulate and strengthen your colon's natural peristalsis.  Your 

safety, confidentiality, and personal well-being are always maintained. 


Why colon hydrotherapy?

Almost everyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy, no matter how healthy your lifestyle or diet might be.  We are all exposed to multiple harmful toxins in our environments on a daily basis, and most foods contain pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and additives that are both harmful and extremely difficult for our bodies to process and eliminate.

In addition to the toxins in our environments and foods, there are many other reasons that the colon can become congested. These include stress, poor muscle tone, poor dietary habits, imbalances in the body, infections (parasitic, bacterial, viral), overuse of prescription medications or antibiotics, chronic constipation, dehydration, lack of exercise, or excessive alcohol use. Over time, one or more of these factors can push our bodies into toxic overload. When there is excess impacted matter in the colon, toxins are released throughout the body through the blood and lymph systems. In many cases this leads to chronic inflammation and pain.


When our bodies become overloaded with toxins, elimination slows down and our organs cannot function optimally. The toxins can become embedded in our tissues and organs, often contributing to a wide range of serious health issues. 


Colon hydrotherapy effectively eliminates large quantities of toxic waste without the use of medications or laxatives and may improve the condition of the entire body. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the lower intestinal tract (colon) and detoxifying the overall digestive system. Clients have reported that colon hydrotherapy strengthens the colon so that it functions more efficiently and effectively on its own. A healthy, cleansed colon absorbs water as it should and also produces Vitamin B and K. Colon hydrotherapy is best used in combination with nutrient-dense organic food, high quality fats, adequate fluid intake, and exercise. A healthy and physically cleansed  inner body is an important line of defense against sickness and disease.


What clients say about Colon hydrotherapy

Many clients report an increase in energy and mental clarity following a colon hydrotherapy session. Many clients consistently experience and report an overall sense of well being and vitality after colon hydrotherapy treatments. With periodic colon cleansing, many clients have experienced improved bowel function, renewed energy and vitality and relief from bloating and gas. Many clients notice relief from headaches, healthier and improved complexions as well as improved memory, concentration and relief from lower back pain.  


Clients who are on a weight loss dietary regimen have reported that colon hydrotherapy accelerates weight loss by helping the body flush out toxins, especially when reaching a plateau. 



Signs of poor elimination?

As your body begins to exhibit the effects of poor elimination you might experience mitochondrial disfunction and neurological symptoms such as low energy and fatigue, headaches, poor memory and concentration, depression, anxiety, irritability, muscle aches and pains, premature aging and skin blemishes and poor immune function leading to chronic illness. 


Your might also experience digestive disfunction such as chronic constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, bloating, distention of the abdomen, bad breath and body order, caffeine and drug dependence.


If any of the above conditions are something you can relate to call 845-304-3633 today to schedule your cleanse!

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